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NAC-6 for Industrial Heavy Metal Waste Water Treatment.

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NEAT Environment is supplying chemicals and equipment that provide high-performance, low-cost methods for the prevention and treatment of metals-contaminated waters. NEAT NAC-6 Silica chemical compounds, when properly mixed with the Heavy Metal contaminated waste water, chemically and thermally react with the metals in the waste water. This reaction provides a coagulation of the NAC-6 chemicals and metals in a sandy particulate, which precipitates out of the treated water and prevents the metals from migrating or otherwise adversely affecting human health or the environment.


Metals contamination in the environment is a widespread and growing problem. Industrial activity of various kinds has discharged concentrations of metals that are very harmful to humans and natural resources. Unlike many contaminants, which can be broken down into harmless components through thermal or chemical treatment, metals cannot be destroyed -- the best solution is to isolate them from contact with living organisms. Unfortunately, conventional technologies have not performed well in this regard. The solution to this worldwide problem may reside in one of the most common, durable and inert substances on earth silica.


NAC-6 usually achieves control of contaminants in a single step, without the need for pre-treatment with chemicals or post-treatment flocculation or filtration. Its physical/chemical components include an initial exothermic reaction and pH adjustment followed by an electro kinetic reaction and metal hydroxyl formation, which leads to silica/metal particles. Contrary to conventional treatment processes that typically degrade over time, the NAC-6 silica continues to strengthen and tighten, further isolating contaminants from the environment.

NAC-6 is a very robust technology, demonstrated to work effectively on heavy metals (such as chromium, copper, lead, mercury and zinc), metalloids (such as arsenic), and radionuclides (such as uranium). It can be applied to wastewater, sediment, sludge, soil, mine tailings, and other complex media.


NEAT was working with a Chemical Supply company out of the USA, starting in 2000. In 2003 the company went into bankruptcy, at which time, NEAT ordered in a large inventory in order to supply existing customers. In 2005, NEAT started working with a Canadian Blending company to blend their chemical compound for use in the Industrial heavy metal waste water treatment.



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NAC-6 reagents include the following:


  • NAC -6 Construction Water
  • NAC-6 for aqueous media
  • Metal plating and other industrial wastewaters
  • Stormwater
  • Municipal wastewater
  • Landfill leachate
  • AMD and mine process water


When applied to metal contaminated water, NAC-6 generates sand-like sediments which precipitate out of solution and neither degrades nor leaches, leaving clean water for reuse or discharge. The precipitated heavy metals are combined with the silica chemical compounds to provide a sludge that will meet TCLP Leachate Standards. 


NEAT personnel will provide on-site waste water treatment procedures and will provide the treatment recommendations. We will also review what existing equipment that the plating company has available to set up a NAC-6 treatment process instead of purchasing new equipment. It is very easy to incorporate the NAC-6 chemical treatment process into existing water treatment equipment. If the plating company does not have the required equipment, NEAT will provide the tankage and equipment required to establish an easy waste water treatment system. It can be fully automated or the less costly manual treatment process.


NEAT can also provide the filter presses for dewatering the precipitated sludge from the waste water treatment. These filter presses are Canadian Manufactured by Eco Industries Inc. NEAT has 6 units in operations at this time.


NEAT is also the Canadian Distributor for the Powell Water Electrocoagulation Technology, which is another method of waste water treatment, using electricity for the treatment of all types of Industrial Waste Water. Please see the attached information on this technology.