Corporate Profile


N.E.A.T. Environment,Ô Inc. ( NEAT ) is a privately owned company located in Kelowna, British Columbia and incorporated in the Province of British Columbia in 1997.  Ken Gardner, President, has been working with a Chemical Supply Company, starting in May 2000, which treats heavy metal contaminated Industrial Waste Water.  NEAT now blends and supplies NEAT NAC-6 Waste Water Treatment Chemical, waste water treatment equipment and filter presses to Industrial Shops in western Canada.


NEAT Environment, Inc. has signed a Canadian Agreement in April 2005, to represent the Powell Water E-Cell Technology.  Electrocoagulation adds electrons to the solution by passing alternating current or direct current through the solution from the power grid.  The electrons destabilize the material in the water creating oxide sludge when sufficient activation energy is present.  The oxide sludge repels water and filters well.  The oxide sludge dewaters well, eliminating the problems associated with polymer treated sewage sludges.  Heavy metal ions converted to metal oxides will pass the leach tests making them non hazardous.  Metal oxides can be smelted to recover the metals in a usable form.


NEAT has developed a number of new customers with having the Powell Water Ecell Technology available.  We have supplied and installed a 3 gpm PW Ecell into a Nickel Plating Shop in Edmonton.  This allows the company to treat all of the Nickel Rinse water and recycle 95 to 100% of the PW Ecell Treated water to the nickel rinse tanks.  We also have other industries using the PW Ecell on monthly rental for construction Site Silty water treatment and Waste Oil Collection “Oily Waste Water”.


NEAT requires an independent third party laboratory to work up both the Client Treatability and Feasibility studies and supporting analysis reports that is required to provide project review to the various Canadian Ministry of Environment (MOE) jurisdictions. NEAT has been working with Eco-Tech Laboratories (Eco-Tech) in Kamloops and Caro Labs in Kelowna, to do the technical research and metallurgical laboratory analysis required in our work with NEAT’s Clients.


NEAT has been working with a number of clients on wastewater treatment in the fields of electroplating waste process water, Radiator Repair Shops, Sheet metal Shops, construction silt water and mining water and soil and sludge contaminations.  The electroplating process water was considered a “Special Waste”, but with the new heavy metal treatment process, the client’s plant process water will be listed as non-special waste and the NEAT NAC-6 treated sludge material will be allowed to landfill, instead of disposal to a hazwaste storage site.  Both the NEAT NAC-6 treated process water and the NEAT NAC-6 treated sludge meet or are below discharge and disposal standards.


NEAT will provide all the required NEAT NAC-6 and Powell Water Ecell products, services and equipment to do a “Turn Key” project development and waste stream cleanup for the client.  NEAT will provide batch or continuous treatment systems for heavy metal contaminated water and soil or for construction silt settlement water.  NEAT will also provide the required Treatability and Feasibility Studies for the Client and MOE process approval prior to the project start up.