Filter Press Equipment Sales & Service


January 2007


NEAT has taken on the filter press dealership for Western Canada and Western USA, with the manufacturer, Eco Industries, Inc. out of Ontario.  The equipment is Canadian manufactured.  This service is in addition to NEAT’s current business of providing Heavy Metal Cleanup in waste water using the NEAT – NAC-6 Chemicals products, and Powell Water Electrocoagulation Technology using the E-Cell.


We will quote on individual Filter Press requirements and specifications.  Enclosed are photos of the various types of filter press units available.  These units provide a cost effective method of handling various types of wastewater suspended materials, waste water treated sludges and slurries.  The filter cloths are designed to handle the full range of pH requirements.  All pricing is subject to equipment design and Customer requirements.


Depending on the disposal standards imposed by MOE and local jurisdictions on the filter cake, NEAT - Eco can provide system process design, equipment engineering, pricing and equipment lease options to their customer.  NEAT will provide equipment set-up, commissioning, training and equipment servicing on equipment sold.


NEAT has a number of suppliers of used equipment in North America in case the project requirements recommend; refurbished, used equipment.  These units are available as on-site specific, and are sold either “ AS IS, WHERE IS “ or NEAT will provide the equipment refurbishing, site install and service contract with the customer.


NEAT can also work with the Customer, for equipment to be supplied on Lease, Rental or Lease to Own options with a leasing company here in Kelowna.  


Thank you for considering NEAT – ECO equipment and technology. 


Sincerely Yours,




Ken Gardner, President

N.E.A.T. Environment, Inc.